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According to the latest figures, 72.9 million people in Pakistan fall below the poverty line while hundreds of thousands of others barely manage to have their basic needs met. Poverty creates ill-health because it forces people to live in environments that make them sick, without decent shelter, clean water or adequate sanitation. Providing access to healthcare and medication is fundamental in the fight against poverty. Healthy children can attend school regularly, giving them the opportunity to improve their future. Even where health services are available, they are often dilapidated and lacking the resources to cater for the community’s needs. This means illnesses are prolonged, infections are not contained and many preventable diseases become a cause of long-term illness and often, death. Mankind Welfare Trust runs projects to address the most prevalent and widespread diseases. Many of the biggest killers are also those which are easily treated with targeted medical care. Mankind Welfare Trust’s health programmes include building, equipping and running medical clinics, immunization and health check-ups, and providing medication.

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