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The Water Campaign The Water Campaign provides access to clean, safe and reliable water across Asia

Clean water is vital to sustaining a healthy life and to prevent diseases. In some areas of the world life’s most pressing challenge is gaining easy access to safe, clean drinking water. Poor health due to unclean water and conflict surrounding scarce water sources prevents many from escaping the poverty trap.

Mankind Welfare Trust constructs and installs hand pumps to abstract clean drinking water. MWT also constructs Tube Wells and Water Filtration Units as well as sanitation facilities for larger communities. Giving safe drinking water is a form of Sadaqah-e-Jaria.

The Water Campaign provides access to safe and reliable water by building water wells, small dams, spring protections and other water sources.

Your donation gives life and connects you to her future. Through relational reporting, you’ll see exactly how. Together, we’ll celebrate the hope your gift of safe water brings!

Our work incorporates building infrastructure, improving sanitation and developing hygiene awareness programmes. We put clean water at the heart of every community we work with. We seek to minimise environmental impact through new innovations


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